Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miss Hair and Mr. Busy

I love this picture of Matthew and Madison. Madison got highlights in her hair last week, and we were taking this picture to document this. She happened to be standing near Matthew, and he looked so cute standing in the chair eating his Apple Jacks, so she bent down and joined him for a photo op. She used some of her birthday money and went to the local technical college cosmetology school to have it done. She saved money versus using our regular salon, and the student that did it did an excellent job. She looks very pretty and even more grown up. People can't believe she is only 14. I can't believe she IS 14.

Now about Matthew. My friend, Anslea, works at the Christian school where Madison is playing basketball this season, so we usually go and hang out in her class room while the girls are practicing. Matthew enjoys climbing on the chairs and getting on top of the desks. Not that I allow that, but he temporarily enjoys it when given the opportunity. I had said to Anslea one day last week that it was strange that he never climbed on the chairs or tables at home. Well, he must have heard me and realized what he was missing because from that point on, he has been a climbing maniac. You can usually find him standing in a chair around the kitchen table or sitting in the chair at the computer, banging away at the keyboard and losing important tax information that his daddy had saved on the computer (sorry!).

I asked Anslea the other day how she would like to have a class full of Matthews? I can hear her now - "Matthew, sit down, please." "Matthew, don't stand on the top of your desk." "Matthew, don't eat your eraser." "Matthew, don't steal pencils out of other people's desks." "Matthew, don't pull all the books off of the bookshelf." And that would just be the first five minutes!

"The difference in boys and girls" that everyone has been telling me about is now plainly evident. But I love it. He keeps me running, and it's pretty much impossible to get any task completed when he's awake, but he is a laugh a minute and just plain adorable. You can't get aggravated with him because he'll do something crazy and then look up at you with what I call the full-body smile where he looks like he's squeezing himself and has a huge grin where even his nose wrinkles up. I discipline when I need to discipline - like when he climbs out of the chair and stands on top of the kitchen table because that's just dangerous - but I'm learning how to adjust to the activeness versus disobedience.

Last night when we got home from church and everyone had finished their second supper (leftovers from the first supper before church), we were sitting in the living room. I looked over at the kitchen table, and all I could see was Matthew's head peeking above the table top. He had discovered that Amelia had some leftover baked beans, and he was obviously very delighted with himself. He started laughing when I looked at him, and that caught everyone else's attention. He had a spoon in his hand and was making an attempt to use it, but mostly he was using his other hand and stuffing the little beans in his mouth as fast as he could. Every time we would look in there at him, he would start giggling. I fixed him the rest of the beans, and he cleaned his plate. Too bad he couldn't clean himself also. He was a mess, and I really didn't want to give him another bath at 9:30, so we did a diaper-wipe bath before changing him into his PJs for the night. I so wish I would have taken a picture of him last night, but I think I'll be able to remember that scene for a while.

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