Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The girls have had a great time playing basketball this year, and it's a good thing that I enjoy it, too (watching, not playing). Cari is still with the rec. dept. She recently made the All-Star team, so she's very excited about that. Her regular season isn't over yet, but she gets to start practicing with the All-Star team tonight, and then we'll be heading to Blue Ridge for the tournament in a couple of weeks.

Madison has thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Christian school this year. It's been a little more competitive at times - sometimes not - and her favorite things have been having an actual locker room and getting to wear matching warm-up suits - definitely steps up from rec. ball. She's made some friends and overall has done well in this new situation. Catching the attention of some guys from the boys team was not something I was totally prepared for, but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. But that's a whole other story! This post is about basketball, so I'll try to stay on track.

Madison's season may be over with this Friday. They were supposed to have a game next week and then end with a tournament, but apparently teams are backing out of the tournament because our team is so good that no one wants to play us - or so they say....... ;>)

Either way, the next three weeks are going to be CRAZY - at least in the evenings because Madison's travel ball (softball) practices started back up this week, too. Thank the Lord our mornings and days are usually quiet with nothing scheduled except for school work, chores, and keeping up with Matthew!

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