Monday, February 8, 2010

Matthew finishing off some beans and rice from The Lazy Donkey

Me and my girls before we left to go out to eat. Matthew wouldn't let Brad put him down, so he was unable to join us for the picture.

I was blessed with a wonderful weekend! I usually enjoy the weekends - my weeks, too - but this was my birthday weekend, so that makes it even more special. I had the privilege of spending it with my family. It sort of all started on Friday evening when Madison's basketball team played a local high-dollar private school. Last year, we were told that this team beat our girls by around 50 points. We've played them twice this year and won both times - the second time was Friday night. It was a great game, and Madison played well. I'm thankful that God has blessed her with this ability, and that He's given her a safe avenue to do something that she loves.

Then Cari had a game on Saturday morning, and they won, too. I think God has blessed her with some natural talent for this sport also.

Afterwards, we went to my mom and dad's as my mom had prepared a birthday lunch for me and my dad had baked one of his delicious chocolate cakes. My sister, aunt, and Brad and the kids were there, too. I went home later in the afternoon, and chose to be lazy. Yes, there were some things I could have done - like straightening up the house - but I gave myself the day off. In keeping with the lazy theme, we then went out to dinner at the Lazy Donkey Mexican restaurant, and I ordered some fajitas that were absolutely delicious.

The wonderful weekend continued on Sunday when Brad and I officially became members of Cornerstone Baptist Church. We've been attending there since July or August of 2009. We finally found what we've been looking for in a church, and after a lot of prayer and discussion, we decided to become members. The way you become a member of this church was new to us, but after experiencing it, we really like it. A few weeks ago, we met with a couple of the deacons, and they talked and counseled with us about what membership means. We were asked to give our testimony and answered a few other questions also. I had been a little nervous going into that, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The final step was giving our testimony yesterday after the morning service. Another couple joined also, and I really enjoyed hearing their testimonies as well. I believe it was a blessing and encouragement to the entire congregation.

Why do I think this is a good thing? The blessing and encouragement I talked about above is one good reason, but also, it is the pastor's way of guarding the church. He is the "shepherd of the flock," and it is his job to do that. If someone wants to join but can't give a testimony or their testimony does not sound like it is based on Biblical doctrine, then this is the perfect opportunity for the pastor to counsel with them and lead them into true salvation. In doing so, you have a saved membership, and this is a protection for the body of believers.

I am so excited to be a part of this local church! We've found a place where we know that we and our children can learn so much about God's Word and grow closer to Him. The pastor and teachers do not skip over the "hard" stuff in the Bible. They dig into it, make cases for all the opinions that exist on matters, and then give pure Biblical evidence for what is right, while showing the faults that exist in the non-Biblically supported ideas. Last night's study was a perfect example, and if I have time this week, I'll share it with you - mainly because I don't want to forget what I learned last night!

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