Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow and Bibles

Amelia had a fun time making snow one day this week. I ordered her a science experiment kit from Timberdoodle called Blast of Color. It has lots of neat and interesting experiments for little ones.

Brad has a hard time with surprises, and when a big box from Christian Book Distributors arrived from UPS this week, he couldn't wait until Saturday (my birthday) to show what was inside. After supper, he had us all gather around the table and then proceeded to give us all new John MacArthur Study Bibles! I've been needing a new Bible, and that's what I had requested. I have two that I like to use - one is a Life Application Bible and the other is just a study Bible. They were both falling apart. This one has real leather, so hopefully it will last longer. I love it!

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