Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week/Weekend Update

About the menu plan - The venison was great all the way around. The sausage was excellent. It basically stayed the same size that I cut when it was fully cooked. Almost no grease at all! The cube steak had no white streaks like the beef cubed steak usually does, and the shepherd's pie was excellent with the ground venison.

The tournament - They won their game Friday night, and we headed back up on Saturday morning. That plan worked out well, and I was glad that we had saved the cost of a hotel room. All the girls played a lot Friday night and had a good time. But that all changed Saturday, and I had to remember what I had written on my blog - to be thankful no matter what. It was hard because I would look at Cari sitting on the bench, and it would just break my heart - she just looked so sad and disappointed! - I was really having to hold back some tears. Brad, too. He really wanted to say something to the coach, but a quick talk between us revealed that it was so not necessary. Everything bad we had ever heard about this coach came to light this weekend. He had at least three girls crying at times - others would get tears and wipe them occasionally - but these girls were literally sobbing on the bench because of the way he talked to them. It was embarrassing. One little mistake and they were taken out of the game and yelled at. So I told Cari she should be thankful that she didn't play much or she could have been one of the girls getting yelled at in front of everyone. Not worth it! She did get a nice trophy for her team winning 2nd place, and we tried to encourage her about that along with a series of pep talks on the long ride home.

This also gave me the opportunity to be thankful for all the other coaches we've had in the past - I have a new respect for them.

Another thing to be thankful for was the delicious chicken breakfast burrito I had at Chick-Fil-A yesterday morning. I told Brad that I think it was the highlight of the day!

On another note, I learned this morning that a classmate of mine passed away yesterday morning after a long fight with cancer. Sort of makes basketball seem pretty unimportant, huh? I couldn't agree more. Hearing this gives me a whole lot more to be thankful for.....

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