Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amelia and Cari and Matthew

Amelia and Cari recently moved back in together. Amelia did not want to sleep by herself in her room, and apparently Matthew being in there didn't count. The fun of having her own space sort of wore off for Cari, too, and she really wanted to move back to her old room. So, a few weeks ago, we made the change. Their room looks really cute and cozy. Cari had purchased a hot pink comforter after Christmas that was a cute contrast with her green walls in her other room, and it looks nice in contrast with Amelia's black/white comforter with hot pink trim in their shared room. I still haven't found curtains for them yet, and I think it will be complete when I do. I took some pictures, but my short lens on the camera is not working, so I wasn't able to get everything in one shot.

After Matthew was born, I had wondered if I would keep his future room (the one Cari had) in Longhorn colors or paint it green and do John Deere stuff. I guess Cari made that decision for me when she wanted to paint it green. I am so glad she didn't choose bright pink or orange! The switch was fairly painless, and now I have to start decorating his room, but he doesn't seem to be in any hurry. :>)

In other news, the LHOP fans (Amelia and Cari) received new pinafores this past weekend - courtesy of my mom, the seamstress. I had them pose for some pictures ~

Matthew was sitting next to them, so I grabbed a quick shot of him, too. The flash was a bit much for his little eyes in this one.

After taking his picture, he ALWAYS wants me to turn the camera around so he can see the stored picture on the back of the camera. If I don't, this is what he does ~

He's finally starting to say some more words, and yesterday he started saying "apple." It sounds a little more like "bapple." Madison noticed it first when he went to the fruit drawer in the refrigerator and pointed and said "bapple." He loves to eat apples, so I guess it is fitting that "bapple" would be one of his first words.

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