Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthdays and Softball

What a fun weekend! It started on Friday evening when my family came over to celebrate Brad and Alex's (my brother-in-law) birthdays. I fixed supper (venison tenderloin wrapped in bacon, homemade mac & cheese, baked beans, sweet potato casserole, seven layer salad, and whole wheat rolls), and my dad brought the delicious birthday cakes - one for each (coconut for Alex and chocolate for Brad). During all of the excitement and conversation (mostly political), I never got a picture of the birthday boys.

But I did get a picture of Brad on Saturday morning when he left out early for his first day of turkey hunting. He and his friends saw some turkeys but didn't get anything after some dogs scared the turkeys away. Maybe next time.

Madison, Matthew and I were also up early for her first softball tournament of the year (Cari and Amelia were at my mom and dad's for the first half of the day). She has been looking forward to wearing her new uniform, and I told her that even if they didn't win, they would definitely be the best looking team on the fields that day - and that was very true! They didn't win, but they did look sharp.

Posing beforehand.

Playing third base.

They played four games. She never made it on base in the first game, but after her coach made her switch bats, she had some good hits in the other three games, and I believe made it on base every time.

Then yesterday was perfect. Church, followed by a rainy afternoon. Matthew took a long nap, and so did I. I drifted off to sleep hearing the rain hit against the windows in my bedroom - that is one of my favorite things to do.

Yesterday afternoon, Brad was preparing for the lesson he was going to teach at church last night, and Matthew decided he needed to join him. He went to the kitchen drawer where I keep pens and found one. He then walked over to the table and climbed up in the chair beside Brad and began doing his own lesson. It was too cute to not get a picture of.

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