Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Lot to Talk About

We ended up with a record of 4 out of 6 getting the stomach virus. I felt pretty yucky on Friday but was starting to feel better on Saturday. I took Amelia to a birthday party Saturday morning. It's rare that I get to do anything one on one with my children, so I had been looking forward to taking her. When we got in the car to leave, she said, "it's just you and me, mommy!" She seemed quite surprised about that. The party was for her sweet friend, Bentley. Amelia had fun, but unfortunately, as the party went on, Bentley appeared to not be feeling too well, and before we left, the stomach virus was obviously making a visit to their home. Being sick any day is no fun, but on your birthday, now that is especially rotten.

Bentley's mom is very talented and artistic. I love the cake that she made for the party.

I took some pictures of Amelia at the party, as I was pretty sure I remembered that Bentley does not like to have her picture taken, and I didn't know any of the other children.

It was a dress-up party, and Amelia enjoyed wearing a little makeup. She was going to have her hair "professionally" done, but she opted to play instead.

This is what you do after a birthday party.

In other news, I've been looking around our home the past few weeks and trying to find ways to be more organized and at the same time, make our home more cozy, inviting, etc. One area in particular was our entertainment center in the living room. At an after Thanksgiving sale year before last, we purchased a new TV. It was a flat screen and needed something to sit on as our previous TV had been a big screen TV that just sat on the floor. (I'm sure there's a proper name for that, but my mind is blank right now.) My father-in-law was visiting and had offered to purchase us a TV stand as our Christmas present. Matthew was just a couple of weeks old - and I remember being pretty exhausted, we were putting up the Christmas tree, and it was pouring down rain outside. I obviously did not want to go anywhere, so Brad and his dad set out to find a TV stand. I gave few instructions and just told them to find something that would match our end tables or to just go with something black, as that usually works. They came back with a black TV stand that seemed to be okay, but as time went on and I began to start sleeping a little more and the fog began to clear from my mind, I realized that it just didn't look right. But it was a gift, and that makes it a little harder to get rid of too quickly. Well, it's now been over a year, and I would think the "respectable time of keeping" has come to an end. So, I've been scanning Craig's List and EBay and our local ads looking for something.

Over the weekend, we saw an ad on Craig's List for an armoire that was nearby. He and Brad e-mailed back and forth, and although I really needed to go to the library yesterday, I stayed around the house and waited for him to call as he said he would. He called sometime after lunch and said we could meet at the storage building around 3:00. He had some errands to run and would give me a call when he was ready. He finally called around 4:45, and it was obviously too late to go to the library (but I guess that's beside the point of this story, huh?), and I grabbed Cari and headed to the storage building. Why Cari? Well, I needed Madison to stay home and watch Matthew and Amelia in case we needed to pull down the middle row of seats. If there were a car full of kids, that would not have been possible. Cari was my next biggest choice. She's never taken karate but feels pretty strongly that she could do it if she needed to. I said a prayer that this guy would be safe and that Cari and I would not have to pull out the Kung Fu. Thankfully, the karate was not needed, and we're obviously home safe and sound.

He was there waiting when we arrived and had the armoire cleaned up and sitting at the door for us. I immediately thought that it would work but went ahead and tested the doors and pulled out the drawers to make sure they worked. When I pulled out one of the drawers, there was a wallet and a green silk box in the bottom. He said, "Oh, that's the rest of mother." I just looked up and smiled politely thinking that was the rest of her estate. I got out of the way so he could get her stuff, and he said, "Really, this is the rest of mother" - pointing at the green box. I said, "Oh." Awkward silence. Apparently, he had taken part of her to California and was taking the rest to Mobile but just hadn't got around to it yet. Moving on ~

I paid him for the armoire, and miraculously, we fit it into the back of the car. The trunk couldn't close, but we tied it down. I wished him well on his new adventure - apparently he is getting a divorce and preparing to go live on a sailboat. I said "goodbye," and Cari and I headed home.

We got home, and I quickly fixed our supper of lasagna and this delicious salad. Afterwards, Brad and I made the switch, and here's the before and after pictures. It is such a better fit with the rest of our furniture. I know you can't see the rest of our furniture, but I'm telling the truth.

What a horrible mess!

I put all the Little House on the Prairie DVDs in the basket on top so Matthew can quit playing with them, and most of the other DVDs I put in a big DVD zip-up case with individual pockets and threw away all the plastic DVD cases that they came in. This definitely was a space saver!

Doesn't that make you just breathe a little easier?

Last on my list of things to talk about is that for the third or fourth time this year, it is snowing like crazy outside! When you home school, snow days aren't that big of a deal. But maybe they'll get their work finished a little more quickly so they can go outside and play. (If it looks like it's going to melt, I'll let them go out anyway.) It looks like we may not make it to the library again today. We'll see. What I do know is that it definitely looks like a good night to make some chili for supper!


Angela McRae said...

Between Kung Fu Cari and "That's the rest of mother," I am just sitting here with tears in my eyes trying not to burst out laughing in the office! And the new armoire is VERY pretty ... and yes, I'll bet it goes much better with the furniture!

Angela McRae said...

P.S. And I meant to add that your friend did a beautiful job on that cake!