Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Preschooler's First Lesson in Photography

Over the past few months, I have been trying to give more attention to my 4-year-old's school time. With an 8th grader and a 5th grader, some days there isn't much time left for her "school" time. She really enjoys school right now and often asks, "Can I do my work yet?" She completed some workbooks at the beginning of the year rather quickly that I had ordered from Christian Light Education, but I found similar additional worksheets on a web site, They are free and printable, and that, for the most part, is where most of her "work" has come from this year. She knows her letters, numbers, colors, most shapes, etc., so now we're mainly working on letter sounds, handwriting, reviewing shapes, and counting.

For pre-K Bible lessons, I like A Kids Heart.

I believe I have mentioned how much I love the company Timberdoodle. On their recommendation, I ordered a couple of things from them for her. I've mentioned the science experiment set on here before, and I also purchased My First Brain Box, which we've all enjoyed playing.

I think she'll be ready for kindergarten next year, and my plan now is to order the complete kindergarten curriculum package, since so many things they have recommended are things that I've used and stuck with over the years, and I'm looking forward to trying out the things I haven't used before.

We've also been trying to go to story time at a nearby library. The librarian there is a great storyteller. She not only reads to them, but they sing songs, too. She always has a coloring page to give them afterwards that goes along with her stories. It's really an educational experience! A local home school group has playtime afterwards, and we're starting to meet with them sometimes, too.

(A funny story that is off topic from this post: Yesterday, it was confirmed that Matthew is officially scared of stickers. ??? In a store the other day, someone gave him a Transformers sticker, and I thought that maybe it was the ugly picture on the sticker that was scaring him. But yesterday, the librarian gave him a cute leprechaun sticker for St. Patrick's Day, and he vigorously shook his head "no" just as he had done with the Transformer sticker. Hilarious but a bit strange.)

Back to Amelia ~ Yesterday, she got to enjoy a quick photography "lesson," and I let her use our camera for the first time. Here's the documentation of that ~

A little higher....


You've almost got it!

She found me!

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