Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Favorite Salad

Craisin Salad
My friend, Heather, was the one who introduced us to this recipe. She brought it over one evening when we were having dinner at our house. She gave me the recipe, and we've enjoyed it many times since. I was making it last night and couldn't find my recipe at first, so I looked it up on the internet and found it easily. But for easier reference, I thought I would add it to my blog for my benefit as well as your's if you'd like to give it a try!

Here are the ingredients:

1 bag (or bunch) of Romaine lettuce
1 c (8 oz) shredded Swiss cheese
1 c cashews (salted or not)
6 oz bag Craisins
1 Granny Smith apple cut into cubes with skin
1 pear cut into cubes with skin

Mix salad ingredients except fruit. Mix dressing and refrigerate. Just before serving, cut up pear and apple and add to salad. Toss in dressing (recipe follows).

Poppy Seed Dressing:
1/2 c sugar
1/3 c lemon juice
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 c oil
1 Tbsp. poppy seeds

I put the above in a mason jar, twist on the lid tightly, and then shake until well mixed.

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