Friday, April 9, 2010

Brad and Cari are going on an expedition....

To pick up an Expedition!

I've been up since around 4:00 a.m. I would go take a nap while the others are still sleeping, but I'm sure that as soon as I drifted off to sleep Matthew would wake up, so I think I'll just wait and nap when he does this afternoon.

Why up so early? I had to take Brad and Cari to the Atlanta airport for a 7:30 flight to Ft. Worth.

Here's the story -

We've been looking into, for well over a year, getting a bigger vehicle. We have a Volvo XC90 that seats seven, which I love, but as the children get bigger, the car is getting smaller. We've been looking and pricing for months now trying to decide what we wanted. We had a set budget in mind for what we wanted to spend, and we've just been waiting for that vehicle in that price range to come along. This is so out of character for us. The first few years we were married, Brad jokes that we would go out to eat and end up coming home with a new vehicle. That's really not too far off. I'm embarrassed to tell how much money we've wasted on vehicles over the years. Special thanks to Dave Ramsey for helping us out and showing us how ridiculous that was!

Anyway, we narrowed our vehicles down to: Chevy Suburban or Tahoe, Ford Expedition, Honda Odyssey, or a Toyota Sienna. After checking out all of these, we decided we would be happy with whichever one came along first in our price range. We've mainly been searching on Auto Trader and EBay. A couple of weeks ago, we found an Expedition on EBay that met our needs and was an outstanding deal. But it was in Ft. Worth, TX. That's not too much of a problem as Brad's parents live there, and they were able to go check it out for us, which they thoroughly did. They thought it was well worth the asking price, so we took the plunge. (We actually had an Expedition before we bought the Volvo six years ago, so we kind of know what we're getting.) We did all the paperwork over the Internet, Brad sent the check to his dad via UPS, and he went and picked it up for us. And now Brad and Cari are flying to Texas so they can drive it home.

Cari was so excited to be going alone - just her and Brad. She is going to be getting a lot of attention this weekend, and I think that's great - but I'm already ready for them to get back home! I'm sure they'll have a lot of fun on their "expedition" in the Expedition. The rest of us are a little jealous - I love a good road trip - but softball beckons the rest of us to Duluth this weekend. Go Mystics!

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