Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Once again, the weather has continued to be beautiful - perfect Easter weather.

My parents sold their home last week and already had another home picked out that they closed on last week, too. So, we spent the weekend helping them move some things. Brad and I also fit in some yard work around here on Saturday afternoon, and then we enjoyed a Saturday evening at home. I spent most of it cooking for Sunday lunch. I know how crazy things can get around here on Sunday mornings so I knew better than to try to do any cooking on Sunday. I fixed "not your typical" chicken cordon bleu, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, green beans, potato salad, and a fresh loaf of wheat bread. Mr. "Edwards" took care of dessert with his Turtle Pie. Yum!!

I wish I could cook like that every Sunday, but it's rare we're home on Saturday evenings, and I don't think I can get up early enough on Sunday mornings. I told Madison when they're all married, I'll cook Sunday lunch, and they can all come eat after church. That is, if they live nearby. She said she has plans to (live nearby), and I hope she's right. But, if God has other plans for her or any of the others, I would miss them TERRIBLY, but I always want them to know that they have our support to go where God leads. "My" perfect plan would be to have about 100 acres, give each child 20 acres, and let them and their family build on that. We could have our own little compound. I know that is so not reality, but a person can dream can't they? :>) And I do realize of course that no plan is perfect unless God is the architect of those plans.

Oh well, back to the present - maybe I can find time to do that every now and then (in the here and now) and not just on Easter.

Here's our Easter Sunday photo shoot --

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