Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning Fever

Wow! I've had a major case of spring cleaning fever this week! And that's a good thing. It all started last Saturday when the weather was forecast to be pretty yucky ~ thankfully it didn't get too bad. We chose to stay home and not venture out into the possible storms. It felt like a holiday to not have to be anywhere that day. I loved it!

So early Saturday morning I headed up to the attic - well actually I started on the stairs and worked my way up - and the cleaning out and re-organizing began - by the evening time I had an organized attic space. But the cleaning out and re-organizing hasn't stopped yet. I've been doing a little here and there on the main floor of the house for the past few weeks, but I got serious this week. Brad worked on the unfinished side of the basement over the weekend, and I have worked on the finished side for most of the week. That chore is almost complete. I even had the opportunity to go through all of our old storage boxes, and I was amazed at some of the stuff we've chosen to keep over the years! And I found some interesting things to, along with things that we'll probably need sooner or later, and now I know where they are!

We're planning to have a yard sale this Saturday, so my dining room is full of junk. Whatever doesn't sell will be headed to the dumpster or Goodwill.

I've already taken several bags of clothes and toys to a local donation box, took a huge garbage bag of clothes to the consignment shop, and I unloaded a truck full of stuff at the county dump yesterday. I've also put a lot of used home school books that I've come across this week on EBay, and almost everything has bids right now! We're going on vacation soon, so it will be nice to have some extra spending money.

Sometimes I feel like I am always cleaning out, so I tried to do an extra good job this time - you know, the kind of job where people who live in the house actually notice! :>) It's been a lot of work - and I better get busy as I still have a lot to do today, but it's worth it to make my life easier on a daily basis. Less stuff = less stress!

I had prayed to God several days ago to give me some motivation to tackle this chore, and He completely provided. Not only did He give me motivation, but He gave me the strength and health to be able to do it. I am very thankful!

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