Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm still trying to bring myself back to reality after having some time away last week. But lest you think all was perfect, it wasn't. Close - like 95%, but not exactly perfect. But the ocean has a wonderful way of making everything seem like 100%. I'm relaxing just thinking about it...........

Okay, I'm back. We really just had a couple of issues but nothing major. The place where we stay had a full kitchen, which is great as we usually just buy groceries as we normally would and eat all of our meals in the unit. We did eat out one night, but I happen to enjoy eating my meals in my swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt with no makeup on when I'm on vacation, so I'm glad we didn't go out every night. The only problem was that only two burners on the stove worked. The good thing is we never needed more than two burners at a time, so it was really a non-issue. Not sure why I mentioned it.

The other issue was a little bigger. One night after we had all settled down in our pj's and were resting comfortably in the living room and watching some TV, Brad got up to go to the kitchen. Just as he got near the carpet close to the kitchen, he was about to get on to someone for spilling a drink and not cleaning it up. But before it came out of his mouth, I heard a small splash, and Brad saying, "Oh, no - grab some towels, quick!" I did, but we obviously did not have enough towels for this mess! The washing machine was having some issues, and water was coming out everywhere. It was in the kitchen and running into the bathroom and seeping into the surrounding carpets as well. I called the front desk and told them the situation and within minutes two guys from maintenance arrived with a wet vac and promptly went to work. The fill valve on the washer was broken, and since it was "too old to fix," we had a new washer and dryer the next day. It actually turned out to be a good thing as this was a bigger washer and dryer and the dryer was a higher voltage, so it did its job much quicker than the older on.

At the time, I felt a bit like Brad's 86-year-old Great Aunt Marie. She has lived in a high-rise apartment complex for most of her life in Houston, Texas. She used to say whenever she had any problems in her apartment, she would just pick up the phone and say "hello maintenance!"

Sometimes it would be nice to just pick up the phone and say "hello maintenance!" whenever the ice maker isn't working, the dishwasher springs a leak, a pipe bursts, etc., etc., but that's the nature of being a homeowner. I just pick up the phone (if it's during the day) and say, "Hello, Brad!" LOL Well, sometimes there are things I can fix on my own, but having a wonderful husband around to do what I can't is far greater than having on-site maintenance.

And thankfully those maintenance issues did not come close to ruining our vacation - just little things that added to the memories. :>)

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