Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring Update

Bird's nest in the tree next to our garage. I've enjoyed watching this bird in all her busyness!

We finally got some much needed work done around the outside of our home. A buggy full of flowers from Wal-Mart really did the trick!

I used the same pink and white flowers in all my beds and planters, so in a few weeks hopefully they'll be big and bushy and add more color to the yard. Thankfully the Lord has blessed us with several rain showers recently, so I haven't had to do much watering. This past week reminded me of the summer weather we used to have - humid days followed by an evening thunderstorm. Thunderstorms used to scare me when I was little, but now I find them rather relaxing.

We're almost finished with our spring outside jobs. We recently took down our above-ground pool as back during the winter during the huge rain storms we were having, the dirt washed out from under one side of the pool causing the liner to rip as there was nothing holding it up. We've taken it down, but we still need to cut it up as soon as we locate the tin snips and haul it off. Then we have to tear down the surrounding deck. We debated fixing it or taking it down, and since we're strongly considering putting our house back on the market, we thought not having the pool may be a good selling point - but I guess that all depends on who the buyer is. Oh well, it's gone now.

I always save my hanging pots from year to year. This year I purchased some of those wave petunias for $3 to put in them. Certainly beats $10+ for a new hanging pot of plants!

With a little help from the kiddos, we washed the siding, painted the porch railing and stained the front door.

It's nice to be surrounded by some "beauty" when we're outside now!

Matthew after eating a chocolate muffin while swimming in his little pool. Every time he sees a camera now, he flashes this smile!

Update on Terri: We're all trying to take turns staying at the hospital with Terri so that she has someone there with her most of the time, and the past few times I've stayed were some milestone days. A couple of weeks ago when I was there, she came off the ventilator, went to a bipap machine, and then went straight to oxygen alone all in one day. That was a good day! The next time I stayed, they came in and tried to feed her, and it worked out great, so she was able to start eating. The next time I stayed, we went the other direction, which was on Friday. Her oxygen started dropping, and after trying several different things, they had no choice but to place her back on the bipap machine. They are still not sure if it is pneumonia or another blood clot.

I stayed with her for a few hours yesterday, and she was very alert and able to answer my questions (by nodding her head), and even smiled quite largely when her mom and I came back into the room for the THIRD time after telling her bye! We did try to leave three times, but for various reasons we had to come back into the room. We made it out on the fourth try.

Please continue to pray for her as you're reminded.

Softball update: Madison and her team won their tournament in Palmetto this past weekend!

And lastly, a cute Amelia-ism to share: Last week, I was telling Amelia that she will be in kindergarten when we start back to school. She said, "Well, which garden is Cari going to be in?"

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Angela McRae said...

LOVE the photo of Matthew! I imagine everyone who sees it will smile!