Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gosh! I didn't realize it had been so long!

One of my daughters was telling me the other day that I "really needed to update my blog." For some reason, I just haven't been in the mood. I think we've been having too much fun this summer, and since it's been rather busy, I haven't had much of a chance to gather my thoughts. Or maybe I've been thinking too much (about several different things)!

One thing that I've been thinking a LOT about is our upcoming school year. With Madison starting 9th grade, I've thought much about her school work for this year, as well as our plans for all of her high school years. I had ordered A Beka for everyone, and she was going to do the on-line video program and let A Beka keep up with her grades. But ever since the day that the THREE boxes of books arrived (and that was just Madison's!), I've been on the edge of a panic attack. We were planning to start on Monday, but yesterday evening, I looked through the books again and tried to decipher how we're supposed to accomplish all of this, and I came to the realization that I just, in my heart, did NOT want to do this.

My sister had mentioned co-ops to me yesterday, and I had considered that option in the past, but the closest one I knew of was really not very close, so I didn't know how we'd made it work. I decided to get on-line last night and do a little investigating and discovered that this particular co-op had actually moved and was now closer to us - actually doable! I emailed the new student coordinator, and within minutes received a reply with a lot of information. I called Madison (she spent the night with my mom and dad last night) and asked her what she thought about it. Without much hesitation at all, she said she really wanted to do it. She will attend school there twice a week, and the other three days, she will do her assignments at home. So, it looks like we'll be packing up the A Beka and sending it back and starting the enrollment process ~ thankfully classes don't begin until the 17th. Another good thing is that it looks like the curriculums she will be using are ones that we're familiar with already, so that should make this transition a little easier. They also have year books, parties, and even a prom among other things, and I'm glad that she'll have the opportunity to participate in these activities. I feel so much better!

In other news, Amelia turned 5 last Friday! I'll try to post some birthday pics soon!